Q: Where can I find the answers?
A: You can find several answers on our Facebook Discussion Board, however, due to the nature of our puzzles (testing fans on their favourite subjects) we have found that readers have preferred working out the challenge amoung themselves and their various message boards/forums. All answers are available by request.
We have nopw opened an Answer Blog, also for selected answers, which is HERE.

Q: What program do you use to make your puzzles?
A: None, we believe in good old fashioned hand constructed puzzles. Some examples of our hand constructed crosswords are available in our Facebook Photo Album. Spoiler alert.

Q: How can I receive updates on your puzzles?
A: We have a Facebook Fan Page which allows our updates to show up on your news feed (or not!) for you to "become a fan of", also, we are on Twitter: @thepuzzlehub. Another option is for you to follow us through Google, scroll down for Google option.

Q: How can I join the team at The Puzzle Hub?
A: Whilst we haven't had any yet, readers are free to send their puzzles into us for posting online, if you decide that you enjoy the experience and would like to submit more, that is also fine. Each puzzle will be posted with your own tag that includes the Puzzle Hub e-mail on it for any help the other readers may need.
If a volunteer compiler feels after 10 posted puzzles that they would like to join the team, then a training process will begin eventuating in a spot on the team and team e-mail. All positions are on a voluntary basis and all puzzles must be compiled by hand, scanned and sent to us at thepuzzlehub@thepuzzlehub.com.

Q: Are they your puzzles in Stage Whispers Magazine?
A: Yep, The Puzzle Hub has sold their Stage to Screen (and in between) Crossword to Stage Whispers for over 2 years now, in fact, The Puzzle Hub started from our Stage Whispers puzzles!

Q: How did The Puzzle Hub start?
A: The Puzzle Hub was founded in November 2008 as a means to give the Stage to Screen crosswords an international audience. As 2009 settled, one puzzle in april sparked the attention of fans worldwide thanks to a 'Hit List' spot on IMDb.

Q: Why do you all have nicknames?
A: To keep things light and fun, and to protect the privacy of our volunteers we felt using our nicknames as our tags was more appropriate.

Q: I saw swearing in a puzzle, was that by accident?
i. Unfortunetly with hand made puzzles the occasional swear word will slip through in a puzzle that contains words in a grid, Wordfinds, Pirate Bootys, if you spot an accidental swear word, please email us immediately.
ii. As our puzzles are aimed at a mature, pop-culture'd audience, we like to give them a fun and funny time and therefore will occasionally use colourful language for the purpose of you enjoying our work. An example of this is the title of this page, we hope it made you smile.
iii. As we are dealing with other people's material, it must be kept in mind that often mature words will be used in the context of their source material.
Our aim is not to offend, purely to entertain without numbing it down.

Questions? thepuzzlehub@thepuzzlehub.com
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PARENTAL Guidance for persons under the age of 12 is recommended. The majority of our puzzles are designed to give adult pop-culture fans a fun yet challenging, tricky yet humourous experience and therefore often contain risque language/word use.

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