Monday, February 1, 2010

Crossword; The LOST Edition!

Lost Mega Strung-Outs - ONE - TWO - Lost Wordfind,


JayJay said...

There is no clue for 38

And I'm stuck 1A, 3D, 4D & 17A

The Puzzle Hub said...

Hey there!
Thanks for the tip and it's now fixed!
As for clue help:
1A - A person's name - S1
3D - Man Behind The Curtain might help...
4D - Think of rgeat Sawyer quotes.
17D - A bit trickier but perhaps an indepth cast list might help!

Hope that helps!


Ryan said...

Do you post answer keys eventually? Just found this, gave it to my wife, and she's stumped.

The Puzzle Hub said...

Hey there!

Due to the extreme 'fandom' knowledge of many of our visitors we have found our players have preferred the answers to not be posted (to allow for memories to kick in), however, they are available on request via the Tag on each puzzle or by emailing the whole team at

Hope you find it a challenge!

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